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Write a brief bio of your unique cooking abilities, your recipies, upload a few photos of you, your place, and your dishes.  Descripbe the engridients and showcase your dining area if you will be hostong guests for dinner.

brChef platform will match your profile with the profile of many of our guests and advertise your home cooking to them.  For example if you cook strictly vegan, then the brChef engine will pair your profile with all the registered guests in your area and it will display you as an option when a guest searches for vegan food in your city.

From assisting you to get ready to host guests for dinner at your place  or to help you with the price and etiques, we got the resources to help you through your entire process.

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As a brChef host, it is critical that your place is clean, and that the kitchen is in order.

If you will deliver dinner, it is critical that you buy appropiate dispossable boxes designed to carry food sealed.

brChef handles all the payments.  You never have to deal directly with money.  Guests pay in advance and the funds are charged 48 hours before the order date. Guests receive 100% refund if canceled  before 48 hours.  50% if canceled between 48 and 24 hours.  No refund is given if canceld witin 24 hours.

You charge what you want, however, if you change too mach or if you chage as a regular restaurant, then your profile will be least likely to be chosen by a guest.

Clean - Clean - Clean

brChef handles all payments

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Receive and accept reservations

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Every Chef home in brChef is protected againts accidental damages.  Guest complaints are also cover with appropriate documentation.  We will in cases of complaint contact the guest and the chef host as we try to settle any dispute.​  Every Chef hosts with a profile in brChef is automatically covered.

$1,000,000 Insurance HOst Guarantee

We got your back


Your listing in brChef is free.  

brChef adds to all reservations a  15% surcharge to the guest reservation.

All charges are itimize on the invoice generated and delivered to your private Chef area for your records.

Our brChefs hosts can receive payments via paypal, direct deposits or by international wire transfer.

The cost of the payment you select will be deducted from the amount paid by the guest

brChef fees to our Chefs

brChef fees to our brGuests

How do host receive payments


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