Benefits of working part time for brCHef

Last Updated in May 4, 2020

brChef is not just a web Site but a complete and vibrant online Market Place platform where you can earn extra income, work part time, or full time providing food related services to your community, Open one or many Online stores for free, provide services for a fee.  For example, you can work as apart time  chef and cook your secret recipes and promote them through our powerful marketing engine to your local, city-wide, state-wide, country-wide, or to the world.,  All the complexities of running the business, getting pay, among many others will be taken care by brChef.  for more information see the product and services of brChef.


Ultimate adaptability

At brChef, members can work as much or as little as they want. Build your Store, publish your products and collections and let brChef promote and sale your products and watch orders come to you for fulfillment.  Design and publish a menu for a given day of the week and let our members come to your table or for takeout or delivery and receive additional revenue for your food services. You make your own schedule. This is my favorite part of the brChef experience. I work when I want.  In reference to your brChef Store, rest knowing that it is always open for business because our brChef Specialists are always there to manage your store, answer questions, via telephone, live chat, email, or via our 24/7 live Forum.

No manager supervising

Despite the fact that there is a manager for the members and some of the time they do give recommendations or evaluate your membership, generally there is no supervisor dictating what to do and when. You are your own boss.  Work where you please when you please. In the brChef Community, we co-live by the concept of "Trust but Verify".

Meeting new people

Build a circle or join a circle you find interesting , and a new opportunity for social interaction is created. I love meeting people with common interests and the brChef circle system is the perfect vehicle to do exactly just that.


Experience new cultures through food

As people go to different places for various reasons, brChef concierge is always ready to help you find those unique members, circles, services, or stores in the city or area where you will be and allow you to explore, meet, experience the feeling of community that only brChef is able to give you.


The bottom line:

Working for brChef lets you make that extra needed income, whether part-time or full-time. It might be a place to work while looking for your dream job, or a thing to do if you are partially retired or going to school.

You can also choose to work longer hours whenever you can. brChef offers you the chance to work and earn at your own convenience.

Check out our  brChef Store Gallery for the Identity Items you will need to get started.  Remember that as a Chef, Cater or Store Owner in brChef you must use brChef's approved food shipping containers, boxes, bugs, etc.  In addition if you are signing up as a brChef Agent, you must order the Identity package for Agents, to receive your business cards and brochures needed to be successful.

Write to us to Learn How to Work an Agent Consultant for brChef.