Food Handling Safety

In an effort to insure that our members enjoy healthy and safe food while eating amazing home cooked meals from our brChef Bistro Community of cooks, chefs, and caters, brChef requires that all our bistros' owners and cooks go through the appropriate food handling & safety training and conduct a facility/kitchen inspection.



1. If you are not a verified member of brChef,  get veted and verified by brChef (Click and follow this workflow as complete as possible). 


2. Take an online class on "Food Handling" and "Food Safety" taught by a national, ANSI-accredited food handling and safety training provider such as "" which offers affordable, FDA-based training to food handlers, workers, students, and volunteers.

2. Conduct a self inspection of your kitchen and cooking area or have a formal kitchen inspection by an inspector of the Environmental Safety Agency from your city.

3. Fill in the Food Handling and Safety questionnaire.


4. If inspected by a city inspector, enter the name of the city Inspector, take a photo of his badge and upload it to brChef. 

5. Upload the photos of the food handling, safety certificate showing that you has passed the training class.

6. Upload photos of the kitchen, refrigerator, stove, garbage container, surfaces, bathrooms, etc.


brChef enforces this requirement and all of the Bistros' cooks and food handlers must complete this steps in order to be covered by brChef's "1 million dollar insurance" and in order to activate your  bistro at the brChef online market place.