About our Community


Guests constitute the majority of the people that make our community.  These are the individuals consuming the different services and products being offered in brChef.  We like to think of them as the energy that keeps the community vibrant and who keeps driving our many chefs to cook amazing cuisine, and our Caters to serve amazing on location fairs, It is also what motivates our many agents to keep introducing brCHef to many schools hospitals,... in their area.  IN short, without our guest members there would not exist brChef. 

About brChef


Our brChef platform has been created to empower people with a passion for the art of home cooking and a strong sense of entrepreneurship   — from individuals -- to local chefs  -- to entrepreneurs...


brChef delivers the technology for communities to easily manage their online presence from an eCommerce standpoint, where people can cook delicious meals and get paid for it, or where individuals can open their own boutique online stores, while brChef manages all the aspects of bringing then customers, collecting payments, and insuring that the exchange functions under a common commitment to quality from all members to all members.



At brChef, we consider our Chef the rare diamonds in the community.  It is very up lifting to hear the reviews of members raving about the wonderful dinner crafter by one of our chefs.  How the unexpected becomes the norm when it comes to art of cuisine.  It is amazing how many hidden 5-star michelins exist within our own community.  This is what makes brChef unique.  The rush to discover the next Julia Childs in the wrinkle hands of a 90 year old great gran ma.  Getting finally her chance to shine on a dining room full of eager food aficionados.   


For those locations when there is the need to cook on location, we open transforming possibilities for those who;s calling is to cook on location.  Maybe there is a barbecue cookout for a birthday celebration, or perhaps a tail gate party pre football game, caters are an important member of our ever growing family of service providers within our community.



In order to grow the tent, it is critical to have dedicated representatives wanting to present and sale brChef to schools , hospitals, senior citizen's housing complex, and many others.

The idea is to create and exchange system where residents cam make extra income serving healthy lunch to the kids at their local schools, hospitals, etc.  Of course, brChef engages with certified professional experts such as Nutritionist to insure that the menus are balance and comply with the strictest ingredient guile lines.  

What is wonderful under this new paradigm change on how we feed our children at school and our ill at our hospitals is that the food is crafted with love by members of our own communities.


Event Coordinators

Store Owners

For those occasion when our members seek the service of an expert event coordinator.  Maybe there is a wedding they are planing  or maybe they will be visiting a new city or even another country and they neat engage with a local event coordinator to make sure their event goes without a glitch. brChef's event coordinators are here to help.

No community can be complete without its merchants.  To this efect, brChef is not different.  brChef provides a complete and robust platform for our community members to open their very own boutique online stores where they can sale their craft, art, and creative food items.

brChef does require that everyone in our community who engages in providing a service or saying products in their store, that they get the necessary identity package and approved shiping boxes and containers.  This is enforced to insure the highest level of quality and consistency.  We will not process order to any of our merchant that does not complies with this rule.  Furthermore, a member runs the risk of being suspended from our community of we received complains to this effect.



It is very simple, someone has to manage this community and enforce the law of the land if we are to coexists in a healthy, respectful, and uplifting ecosistem.

T0 this effect, the community administrators are like the police, and enforcers of the rules of our community.  


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