Opening a Bistro in brChef


                 Requirements to open a brChef online bistro
1.  You need to become a verified member of brChef.  Follow the steps of the verification workflow which is part of your profile setup screen or click here to go to the verification module of brChef.
2.  You will need to take a food handling safety class and obtain a certificate of successfully completing the class.  Follow the steps for obtaining a food handling safety certificate which are part of your profile setup screen or click here to go to the Food Handling Module of brChef.
           Guidelines for a successful online bistro in brChef
Prepare before hand the necessary photos, menus, food, Items, Courses, Brief description of the bistro, a few words about the owner, the recipes, the property if the bistro intends to host guest for lunch or dinner.
         Take photos of your meals and products like a pro

First things first, you'll want to have nice photos of the meals and products you're trying to sell. The most important rule when it comes to photos is to keep them as clean as possible. Having dirty dishes or distracting shadows can be the difference in getting people to order your prepared meals or to buy your products from your bistro.

                                         Use a Light Box


If possible buy or rent a light box! A decent one can be purchased for under $40, and I promise that if you're photographing a home-cooked-meal or a collection of products, it'll pay for itself in no time. What a light box does is provides an even white box for you to shoot an item in. Any light that you use will bounce all over and provide a nice even light on the object. This makes it possible to shoot with just a single light and get catalog quality looking images.






                                              Shoot from Every Angle


More is better. When shooting images of food items or products you're trying to sell, provide as many photos as possible. There is no excuse to have just one or two images of a product, when you can easily provide 6-8 photos.

After all, the photos are the extension of the meals and products of your bistro.  If I see bad photos in a listing, I will doubt if the quality of the food or products is there and that brings in to question all the claims in their ad. Sure the meal might be amazing or the marmalade might be heavenly delicious, but now I have questions and that means no sale.

People will want to see the product from all angles before making the purchase.