Trust but Verify

Last Updated in May 4, 2020

Profile verifications are a way to validate that the data in a Member's Profile is consistent with other Member's Data Set present in Facebook, Linkedin, and among others.  At the end of this process, the member will receive a brChef Pre-Check Verify Tag.  

1. How does brChef verifies a member's profile?

Verification of Member’s Profile:


   1. Go to Edit brChef Profile on

   2. Tap the Pre-Check field.

   3. Under Add Verifications choose one or more verification fields to verify:


Member’s Profile Verification Fields:


   1. Email address: Confirm that you receive email notifications and messages.

   2. Phone number: We'll share your verified phone number with your host or guest once a reservation is accepted.

   3. Online ID: Connect your brChef profile to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn.

   4. Offline ID: During the Verified ID process, provide your government-issued ID, or answer some questions that only you would know.

2. brChef does Data Encryption for your privacy and Data Safety

We take privacy seriously. The information you provide during this process is encrypted and governed by our Privacy Policy.

We won't share the government ID or personal details you provide during Verified ID with your host or guest—they'll only know that you’ve successfully completed the process. And we’ll never post to your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or other connected accounts without your permission.

When you complete our brChef Verify Process, you'll earn a Verified Badge on your profile. Many guests interested in experiencing in-home-dining at one of our hosts look for this badge when deciding whether to have dinner at a chef member's home, order dinner to go, or purchase products from one of our members at our brChef's Online Store Gallery. Although this is an important step toward a safe brChef community, it's not an endorsement or guarantee of someone's trust-worththiness .